Clinical Response Overview using Sensable®Care System in the United States and Taiwan


MedicusTek® has tested our patient safety solution, Sensable®Care System, in both hospitals and nursing homes for over 12,000 patient days. Overall, our US trials has averaged about 2 falls per 1,000 patient-days and this number will continue to decrease as nurses become more proficient at using the technology. There’s always a little bit of a learning curve. Over in Taiwan, our studies have seen only 0.5 falls per 1,000 patient days. These results are really thrilling considering that the average hospital has between 3 and 11 falls per 1,000 patient-days.


We recently published the results of our Massachusetts hospital trial in a peer-reviewed article. We tested our sensor pads in a 35-bed med-surg ward for a year. For all the patients who used Sensable®Care, none fell over the course of the trial. It proves the technology works. Sensable®Care integrates with the clinical workflow, and we were able to show great results. The Lahey nurse manager we worked with said our system helps nurses learn more about patients’ behavior which allows them to provide better care and you can actually see more of her testimonial video on our website.


At Kaiser Permanente’s Downey Medical Center, we used our sensor technology on an entire 32-bed telemetry unit. During the 3 months we were there, 0 falls for patients using our tech. One Kaiser nurse mentioned that Sensable®Care really helped with their alarm fatigue. We are now under more product trials in nursing home and hospitals in the United States. Using Sensable®Care, they have decreased 50% of fall rate and false alarm more than 90%. With Sensable®Care System, we believe that we could improve patient safety and bring better quality into medical care.