HOMING Smart HomeCare

24/7 Smart Care
Reduces Adverse Events
Long-distance Care
with Cloud Services
Notifies Caregivers Anytime
Long-distance Care with Cloud Services
Notifies Caregivers Anytime
Completed Sleep Record
Discovers Sign of Deterioration
Completed Sleep Record
Discovers Sign
of Deterioration
Completed Sleep Record
Discovers the Sign of Deterioration
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Live in cozy life, make care giving light!

HOMING is a homecare monitoring system with data-driven and contact-free approach. By installing bed sensor and chair sensor with few easy steps brings smart care back home.

Bed Exit Alerts for Fall Incidents
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Sleep Records for Health Conditions
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Fall Incidents of Elders

From the study, falling is the second leading cause resulting in incidental death among the elders over 65-year-old. One in six elders, mostly male, had experienced fall incident in the past one year. The fall incidents most likely happen when getting in/out of bed during the night from 22:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The percentage of the fall incidents during the night is about 21.5%.

Injuries Prevented with HOMING

The injuries from the fall can be bruises, abruption, bone fracture, even septicemia leading to death. Except for the physical injuries, if the elder had fallen once, they might fear of walking or going out, eventually leading to immobility.

HOMING provides you 24/7 bed exit notification. You can always receive the timely notification when the internet and the app setting are on.

Sleep Records for Health Conditions

HOMING provides various information in sleep records, including time in bed, sleep period, snoring time, etc. But is the sleep period equal to sleep quality? What does snoring mean?

Sleep Period

If you are tossing and turning for over 30 minutes after you are off the bed, you probably have difficulty in sleeping. Try to listen the light music, have some stretching, or read a book to clear your mind and relieve your body. It will be much easier to fall asleep when you feel relax.

Time Asleep

It is about quality, not quantity. Sleeping for eight hours does not mean you will be energetic the next day. There are some unconscious behaviors during sleep which interfere your resting, for example sleeptalking, sleepwalking or night terrors. Generally, time asleep is about 95% to 98% of the sleep period.


Snoring is an index to evaluate your health condition. It is related to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in statistics but not indicating you are having OSA. HOMING provides the snoring time in sleep record which is neither for diagnosis, nor for treatment. If you are searching for professional advice about your sleep, please make an appointment with your doctor.

Bed Sensor
Control Box
Chair Sensor
HOMING Mobile App
Bed Sensor

Contact-free approach on bed

  • Off bed / In bed alerts
  • Ticking timer of bed exit
  • Repositioning alerts for pressure injury assistance
  • Daily sleep record with sleep stages and snoring time
Control Box

Transmit sensor data to cloud services

  • Privacy encryption of security protocol
  • National standards for product safety and certificates
  • Plug-in and plug-out deployment for easy installation
Chair Sensor

Contact-free approach on chair

  • Non-wearable sensor device
  • Off seat / On seat alerts
  • Sitting too long alerts
HOMING Mobile App

Get to know the status and sleep records anytime

  • Customizable settings for each family
  • Data sharing for distance care
  • Take good care of families at the same time
  • Analysis and records of sleep stages and snoring time
  • Self-diagnosis of system error


Ms. Zhang from Xinbei
Family members can take care of Mom together through the data-sharing of HOMING.
My mom is bed-ridden for two years, and my families take turns to take care of her. After using HOMING system, all the families can receive reposition notifications and remind us to turn her over through the sharing function.
Mr. Lin from Hsinchu
Sleeping on the contact-free mattress makes me feel unstrained when monitoring my sleep condition.
I had smart watch before to see how I sleep and improve the sleep quality. But it was really uncomfortable to wear smart watch while sleeping. After using HOMING, I feel comfy while sleeping and I can adjust daily routines through the sleep record.
Mrs. Liao from Yilan
The sleep detection function of HOMING reminds me that I have symptoms of apnea.
I had not slept well for years so my friend recommended HOMING system to monitor my sleep quality. From the sleep record, I found out I would snore during the sleep which led me to the doctor for examination. It turned out that I have sleep apnea. Now I wear a ventilator every night and the sleep gets better and better!
Mr. Wang from Tainan
With HOMING bed exit notification, we can know when Grandpa gets out of bed and helps him in time.
After suffering from dementia, grandpa often ran around on his own and fell injured 1 year ago. We have started using HOMING this year. If Grandpa wants to walk around, we will have someone to stay with him and reduce accidents.

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