Predictive Patient Monitoring for Nursing Homes and Facilities

Predictive Patient Monitoring for
Nursing Homes and Facilities

Live in cozy life, make care giving light!

With the data-driven and contact-free approach, MedicusTek changes the way healthcare monitors and improves patient safety. By connecting to the cloud service and mobile app, MedicusTek easily deploys bed sensor and chair sensor in the facilities to accomplish smart care.

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Reduce Adverse Events and
Improve Quality of Care

Active alerts of bed exit and repositioning to prevent potential risks and unnecessary costs.

Empower Your Team to Optimize
Effiencyand Nursing Care

Customizable alerts allow the team to provide assistance while needed and reduce alarm fatigue.

Being Connected with Families
and Caregivers

24/7 continuous monitoring provides sleep records and event records to build connection among facilities and families.

Timely Alerts of Patient
Safety and Adverse Events

Monitoring bed exit and repositioning events allows caregivers to provide with assistance while needed.

Management Platform to
Empower Efficiency

Managing multiple patients with mobile device and portable notifications keeps you informed when mobile.

Electronic Documents for
Administrative Records

Cloud-based system and services makes data storage easy and updated.

Transparent Information
of Daily Care

Data sharing between facilities and families builds connection and trust in routine care.

Health Deterioration from
Data Tracking

Daily sleep record with sleep stages analysis, snoring time and vital sign helps to know and have the insights of residence’s health condition.

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