Sensable®Care System

Sensable®Care System is a predictive patient monitoring designed to promote patient safety, empowering staff to make data-driven decisions and reduce costs. This 24-hour patient monitoring— allowing nurses or caregivers to monitor the status of a patient from the nurse’s station or while mobile. The system can be customized to alert nurses or caregivers BEFORE an unassisted bed exit occurs or when it is time to reposition the patient.


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Visualized Pressure Points and Leaving Activities

Sensable®Care System displays the notifications with a diagram so that nursing personnel can monitor patients 24/7 visually and provide timely care.

Customized Fall Prevention and Repositioning Plan

With algorithm of Sensable®Care System, nursing personnel can customize patient notification settings and reposition time due to patient’s condition.

Data Analysis for Timely Intervention and Healthcare Quality

The collected data of Sensable®Care System can be used to generate reports for analysis in timely intervention and healthcare quality improvement.

Portable Notifications with Mobile Device

Caregivers or nursing personnel can remotely monitor patients with Sensable®Care Mobile App so that real-time notifications can be received for timely attention.